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Piotr Drabik's case

Missing since: September 1, 2006 now known to have reached Hawaii
Classification: Missing, unknown whereabouts
Date of Birth: May 14, 1972
Height and Weight: 6í1, 175 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, very short eyeglasses with oval wire frames. He has a tattoo of a South American Design, thought to be a humming bird. Mr Drabik speaks fluent English, Russian and Polish. At the time of his disappearance Drabik wore a goatee and mustache.

Mr. Joseph Drabik (Piotr's father) has given Detective-International, the authority to do some investigation into the case which is not a criminal case but is at this time a missing personís case.

Mr. Drabik who lived in Canada was last seen by his friend Pawel Brzeminski, who drove the happy Piotr to the airport. The case was delayed at the beginning because Delta Airline in Salt Lake City, Utah claimed to have no knowledge of his changing to his flight for Hawaii, fortunately the detectives in Hawaii found the airport tapes that showed Piotr Drabik, buying a ticket on Aloha Air, to Kauai.

Mr Drabik is a noted Scientist who worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Canadaís National Nano-Technology department in Edmonton. He specialized in physiology, molecular biology and chemistry. He has two doctoral degrees and three masterís degrees from a Polish University. He is also an author, champion athlete, and adventurer. He has a daughter by his ex-wife in Edmonton.

His father Josef Drabik who is 70 years old made a trip to Kauai he did everything he could to search for his son.

Detective Prather, has been very helpful in providing information, and Detective Shibuya on Kauai, says the case is not closed. Anyone having any information may call the Honolulu Police Department at (808) 529-3115.