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A Man acquitted of Murder

I am a member of the Hesquiat Indian band. On Feb 26th 1987 I was living with my mother. A girl named Rebecca Johnson was murdered just down the lane from our house. Her naked body was draped over the seat of the Salvation Army van in the church parking lot. I heard screams, and went to tell police. I was a witness, but before long became a suspect.

My grandmother, a basket weaver, hired Leanne Jones, selling baskets to pay for service Mrs. Jones found out about a trouble maker at the Sally Anne the day before the murder. She wrote down the description.

I was convicted and sentenced to jail for two years but won the second trial.

In the second trial Jones learned about a caucasian man two years before covered with blood, close to the murder scene demanding a cabbie take him out of town. When Jones noticed the description, matched the description of the troublemaker at the Sally Anne, she located the cabbie to get him to tell his story. The judge asked the cabbie what did he conclude. He said, I donít conclude your honor I just tell what I saw. When the jury heard this, they acquitted me, and to this day I am very grateful to Leanne Jones for helping me.

Stanley Mickey, BC